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Template contracts

Thailand contracts for lease of real estate (hire of property)

L-1: 30 year land lease agreement

A ready to use 30 year land lease agreement in Thai and English for titled undeveloped land with pre-paid renewal terms and the option right to transfer to freehold ownership, written in favor of the lessee. Including the required terms and conditions according to Thai law, purpose, renewal, warranties of the lessor, sublease and assignment, succession, termination and default.

This contract is often ordered in combination with a construction contract and due diligence service by a Thai property lawyer.

This leasehold contract goes beyond the normal hire of property laws in Thailand and follows partly Supreme Court principles regarding 'special reciprocity contracts'. This complex lease contract includes an addendum and aims to  exceed the 30 year hire of property rule in Thailand with the intention to transfer ownership of the land. Essential in this structure is the investment in and separate ownership over the house upon the leased land.

This L-1) Thai English lease template: 5,300 THB Customized contract: 7,800 THB (order here)


L-2: 30-year land lease agreement

  • Top 5 document 2009

A professional 30-year land lease agreement in Thai and English for land in Thailand, including all options to protect the lessee, renewal, sublease and assignment, succession, drafted in combination with a right of superficies agreement.

This contract is often ordered in combination with a construction and superficies contract

This land lease contract follows the normal principles of hire of property in Thailand. The combination with a right of superficies guarantees uninterrupted use of the property for the term of the lease and separates ownership over the land and building (land lease and superficies contract).

This (L-2) Thai English lease template: 4,200 THB   -   Customized contract: 6,700 THB (order here)


L-3: 30-year land lease in a development



A 30-year land lease agreement for a development project. Headings: purpose, lease term, renewal option, option to purchase and transfer to freehold, refund, registration, rental and payment, covenants, limitation of liability, sublease & assignment, termination and default, indemnity, notices, miscellaneous, governing law.

This contract is often used in combination with a sale and purchase or construction contract for a building

This lease contract includes similar principles of the first lease above, exceeding a normal leasehold purchase. It could be up to a court's decision to determine the exact rights of the leasehold purchaser in case of default by the developer. It is the responsibility of  an experienced Thai property lawyer to include the required clauses and legal structure (or the lease contract could have only limited effect as in essence 'lease' or 'hire of property' is a personal right under Thai law). Try us! We also offer a professional review in detail of any contract or contracts offered by a developer in Thailand.

This (L-3) contract contains 1. land lease and 2. sale agreement for a house: 13,400 THB
L-4: 30 year lease for land and house


This lease agreement for the lease of land and house in Thailand is drafted following the normal principles of hire of property and is drafted for a period up to 30 years and could include a renewal option.

Note article hire of property and succession of lease rights in Thailand

This lease contract has a period of up to 30 years and, contrary to the L-1 and L-2 contracts, the contractual clauses that are not in essence 'hire of property rights' are in principle personal to the original parties to the contract (e.g. a renewal option is personal to the parties of the contract). The difference in enforceability of clauses in the contracts L-1 and L-2 are based on additional protection given by the Supreme Court in a correctly structured land lease with freehold ownership over the house).

This (L-4) Thai English contract template: 4,200 THB   -   Customized contract: 6,700 THB 

L-5: 30 year condominium lease agreement


A 30 year condominium unit lease agreement. This contract is drafted similar as the L-2 land lease agreement. These contracts are usually drafted following the normal principles of hire of property in Thailand. 

Note article succession of lease rights in Thailand

Any hire of property of a condominium exceeding 3 years must be registered at the land department to be enforceable. Registration fees are calculated at a rate of 1.1 % over the total value of the contract

This (L-5) Thai English condo lease template: 4,200 THB   -   Customized: 6,700 THB 

L-6: Short term rental contract for a condo

Condominium short term rental agreement (up to 3 years) for a furnished or an unfurnished condominium unit for a specific period, contains term of lease, monthly payments, deposits, and other related variables.

This (L-6) contract template 3,700 THB - Customized contract: 5,200 THB (prices: English only)

L-7: Short term rental for land and house




Various short term unregistered rental agreements for land and house (e.g. sub lease by in a residential development. The tenant shall pay rent and the maintenance fees in the development for the term of this Agreement.

This (L-7) short term rental 3,700 THB  -  Customized 5,200 THB (English only)

L-8: Rental commercial property



Various Thai English rental agreements for up to 3 years with option for renewal designed for the short term rental of commercial or office property in Thailand. This rental contains the general required terms and conditions.

A commercial rental contract exceeding 3 years must be registered to be enforceable. This contract can also be ordered as a longer term contract and in this case will include clauses for registration of the contract for hire.

This (L-8) contract template 4,200 THB   -   Customized contracts 6,700 THB 

Contract templates for the sale and purchase of real estate in Thailand  (up

S-1: Contract for sale and purchase land


This Thai English agreement contains all the required terms and conditions according to Thai law for the purchase of raw land (including checklist and questionnaire for seller). This is a raw land purchase agreement. Even handed to both seller and buyer.(Preview this  agreement)

This contract is often used in combination with a construction contract for a building, a loan agreement, mortgage or a superficies contract, but also the preparation of a 'last will'. 

A foreigner can't be named as the purchaser in a contract for sale and purchase of land (as foreigners are prohibited from owning land in Thailand this would make such a contract void under Thai law). This is a private agreement for titled land between the Thai seller and Thai purchasers which must be followed by the sale document and transfer at the local land office.

This (S-1) contract template costs 4,200 THB   -  Customized contract: 6,700 THB

S-2: Sale and purchase of land and house

This Thai English purchase agreement for land and house in Thailand is similar to the contract above but includes warranties of the seller in respect of the building. This agreement is meant to be used by persons with an understanding of basic real property sales transactions. This is a contract for the sale and purchase of a land and house.

This contract can also be drawn up as a contract for the sale of the house only. In this case it can be combined with a land lease agreement. There is a separate procedure in Thailand for the transfer of a building that takes approx 40 days to complete. This takes places at the local land office

This (S-2) contract template costs 4,700 THB   -   Personanlized contract: 7,200 THB

S-3: Sale and Purchase contract condo

A professional sale and purchase agreement for a condominium in Thailand. This contract contains all the general required terms and conditions for the purchase of a condominium unit in Thailand (including a questionnaire for the seller). Preview this agreement.

Foreigners are allowed to own a condominium in Thailand and can be named as the purchaser in the contract for sale and purchase, however, foreigners can not own more than 49% of the total 'saleable' area in a condominium project.  

This (S-3) contract template costs 4,200 THB   -   Customized contract: 6,700 THB

  Real estate miscellaneous agreements  

M-1: Deed of Assignment

Various deeds assignment. The assignor wishes to assign the land to the assignee for the residue of the term of the lease subject to the conditions of this deed, or the assignor agrees to sell and the assignee agrees to purchase for the purchase price mentioned in the agreement the leasehold/ or freehold property.

Price on request depending on the deed of assignment (starting at 3,800 THB)

M-2: Servitude contract

A right of servitude in Thailand is a real right non-possessory interest in land. A servitude must be registered on the land title deed and can include various types of burdens and benefits that the immovable property has to suffer  or refrain from. 'The servient property shall be subject to a servitude described as follows...'

Price on request, depending on the contract of servitude (starting at 3,800 THB)

M-3: Superficies contract


Right of superficies concerns the registered right on the land title deed and alienation by the owner of the surface of soil of all rights necessary for building on the surface (i.e. it legally separates ownership over the buildings and land when registered on the land title deed).

This Thai English contract is often combined wit a land lease agreement, and it could include a loan and mortgage agreement for a Thai national to buy land.

Template (M-3) contract: 4,200 THB   -   Customized contract 5,800 THB

M-4:  Right of Habitation

A right of habitation is a simple Thai English contract concerning the right to dwell in a house for up to a period of time or the life of a person(s) when registered on the land title deed.

Template (M-4) contract 2,400 THB   -   Customized contract 3,800 THB

M-5: Usufruct Contract

  • Top 3 document 2009
In the contract for usufruct the owner agrees to grant the usufructuary the usufruct of the property (land and house), with possession, use and enjoyment of the said property, as well as the right of management of the property. A professional contract for usufruct in Thai and English by qualified and registered lawyers.

Template (M-5) contract 4,200 THB   -   Customized 5,800 THB 

M-6: Reservation Agreement


This reservation of real estate contract (similar to a letter of intent) confirms the intention of the purchaser and the seller to the sale and purchase of the property at a specific price in accordance to schedules as agreed to make in a sale and purchase agreements within a certain period of time (preview this agreement).

This is usually a simple document in Thai and English in which the seller and the purchaser expresses their intention to the sale and purchase within a specified period of time.  

Template (M-6) contract 1,200 THB   -   Customized 2,400 THB

M-7: Various real estate contracts

We have available template contracts for: property management and maintenance, housing developments, service contracts for a condominium, license to occupy, option to purchase and more.

Template or customized contracts on request

Building and construction contracts 

C-1: Construction contract 

  • Top 5 document 2009
Professional Thai English construction contract, including construction provisions, variations, extension of time for completion, possession, delay, defects and defect liabilities, breach and termination, indemnities, etc..

Template (C-1) Thai English construction contract 5,600 THB   -   customized 7,600 THB

C-2: Construction Contract(short form)


A short form construction agreement in Thai and English containing the important clauses required in a building contract.

Simple building contract template 4,200 THB   -   customized 5,600 THB

C-3: Building Structure Warranty

The seller warrants the structural integrity of the property for a period of time from the date of completion. Preview this Deed of Warranty

Deed of Warranty Building template - 2,100 THB -   customized 4,200 THB

Business agreements

B-1: Share transfer agreement

Share transfer agreement commonly used to sell a company with land, house and assets, including all general terms and conditions, warranties and list with required schedules.

This contract is often used when transferring control and shares in a company that owns land, instead of actually transferring assets and the land. Preview this Share Transfer Agreement

Share transfer (B-1) contract template and attchements 3,700 THB  -  customized 8,600 THB 

B-2: Investment agreement

A company sells shares to an investor, a private investor who invests in shares and asset of a company limited in Thailand as in an investment project to make a profit. View sample  Investment Agreement

Investment agreement (B-2) contract template 3,700 THB  -  customized from 8,600 THB

B-3: Investment Joint Venture agreement

Short Investment Joint Venture Agreement. The Joint Venturers have agreed to enter into an agreement and make contributions to a common fund for the purpose of acquiring and developing a plot of land. Preview this Joint Venture Agreement

Investment joint venture agreement (B-3) contract template 3,700 THB  -  customized 8,600 THB

B-4: Articles of Association

Translated standard articles of association (and other translated company formation documents) for a limited company in Thailand and covers required subjects according to Thai law, preference shares, voting and security matters. View sample Articles of Association.

Translated (B-4) template documents (Thai English) 1,800 THB   -  customized from 4,800 THB

B-5: Power of Attorney


We offer various power of attorney services and documents. A power of attorney is a legal document that enables you to designate another person, called the attorney in fact, to act  and perform certain acts on behalf of the principal.

Price on request, depending on the matter (starting at 2,800 THB)

B-6: Employment contracts

We offer employment contracts in Thai and English. An employment contract  in Thailand sets out duties, right and responsibilities of the employer and employee. If no employment contract has been signed the law will describe the rights and responsibilities between the parties according to the law.

Employment (B-6) Thai/ English contract  6,200 THB  -   customized 7,600 THB

B-7: Agency Agreement

We offer professional agency agreements. A seller agrees to pay a commission payment to a broker, real estate agent or other person for the conclusion of an agreement to sell land, condominium or other real estate objects.

Agency agreement (B-7) Thai/ English 2,800 THB   -   customized 4,200 THB

B-8: various contracts for business


We offer various contracts for business in English or Thai and English drafted under Thai law, such as; sale agreement between two unconnected companies (including warranties), confidentiality letter, partnership agreements, various loan agreements, joint venture agreements, agency agreements, and more

Prices on request

Family (Last will and testament, prenuptial, divorce) agreements 

F-1: Thai Last Will and Testament

  • Top 3 document 2009

A 'last will and testament' is the latest existing legitimate legal declaration by which a person (the testator) states his intentions of what he wills to be performed after his death.

We draft last wills in Thai and English, usually for foreigners and specifically for assets in Thailand excluding assets in other countries.

Template (F-1) documents in Thai and English 3,800 THB   -   customized (final) 4,800 THB

F-2: Prenuptial Agreement


  • Top 3 document 2009
A premarital or prenuptial agreement  is a private agreement between two people  contemplating marriage. This contract is created by the couple before entering into marriage. Our comprehensive Thai English prenuptial agreement is drafted under Thai law and accepted and valid in Thailand, provided the prenuptialtial  is registered before or at the marriage registration. Preview this agreement...

Template (F-2) document in Thai and English 5,800 THB   -  customized 9,800 THB

F-3: Divorce settlement agreement

Before registering a mutual consent divorce in Thailand at the amphur (opposite to a divorce in Court) the couple should get together and negotiate how marital assets are split and put this in writing in a 'divorce settlement agreement'. This divorce process could include provisions for maintenance (e.g. for the children involved).

Template (F-3) document 3,800 THB   -   customized document up to 9,800 THB

F-4: Living Will

A living will is an advance health care directive leaving instructions for treatment specifying what actions should be taken in the future event the testator is no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacity.

Template (F-4) document in Thai and English 2,700 THB   -   custminized 3,800 THB

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